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The Fast and Furious Diversity in Films

With the record breaking worldwide theatrical release of Furious 7, movie-goers actually get to see a diversified cast that is reflective of the real world. The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the few Hollywood film franchises, that accurately depicts the diversity that exists globally. People of all races, colors, cultures, creeds, nationalities, etc., watch movies and it is important for everyone to see/feel like they are being reflected on the silver screen. Internationally, the human population is changing, with minorities now making up a larger percentage of the demographic makeup. For what appears on movies and tv to be true to life, the people being casted must also be from different backgrounds and represent people as they truly are. Often times, in mainstream films, there is a perpetuation of stereotypes instead of a universal understanding that we are all created the same. No two people will portray the same character, in the same way, so it should be every filmmakers goal to show and celebrate the differences that exists between everyone, while also creating a unified front in film or television.

Without accurately depicting the world as we all see it, many films can seem inauthentic and can sometimes be a disservice to their audience. To change this Hollywood should follow the path of The Fast and Furious franchise and blaze a new trail in how they create characters and tell stories. When this happens people will be more receptive to identifying with many of the make believe move tales. But, until then, the true existence of the world is hidden under the same smoke and mirrors that distort reality and conceal the truth. The success of Furious 7, definitely serves as an indication that audiences want more of this unity on screen. Worldwide box office numbers show that the film has grossed over $384 million in it’s opening weekend and those numbers will continue to climb. Congratulations to the creators behind The Fast and Furious franchise for their exceptional success and for opening Hollywood’s eyes. You can read more about this here