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The Favorite Foods of Trump, Obama, and 12 Other American Presidents

We all have our favorite foods. Just as our parents and our grandparents have theirs. Tastes change over decades and generations. So what modern presidents like to eat is very different from what our founding fathers had on their dinner tables. (Donald Trump, in case you didn’t know, is partial to fast food.) Living in the White House, each president has a personal chef. That chef prepares grand banquets and impressive spreads for the president to entertain visiting heads of state. But what offers a more telling portrait of the president’s taste? The things he asks the chef to make or stock for private meals and snacks.

No matter your politics, you probably want to know. Do you like any of the same foods as recent U.S. presidents? And do you eat the same snacks? Or do you have the same taste in pizza? Resources, such as Food Timeline, have some especially juicy insights into past presidents’ kitchens. Read on to check out some of the favorite foods of Trump, Barack Obama, and other American presidents.

1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Donald Trump likes fast food, potato chips, and Diet Coke. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump loves fast food — so much, according to Vanity Fair, that he sometimes had it delivered to his private plane while on the campaign trail. Trump likes Burger King, McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. He’s famously germaphobic and cites the standards of cleanliness as one reason he appreciates fast food franchises.

Trump has reportedly stocked the White House kitchen with snacks, including Lay’s potato chips. He also likes Doritos. The New York Times noted that Trump prefers “the bland nourishment of Americana.” That includes burgers, meatloaf, well-done steaks, Caesar salad, and spaghetti. The president also loves See’s Candies and Diet Coke. 

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