The Funniest Armed Robbery Of The Year

The Funniest Armed Robbery Of The Year

A robber broke into a butcher shop in Buenos Aires in Argentina and made away with 50 kg of pork! Lol.

Sometimes you feel like eating meet badly! Employees of a butcher shop in a suburb of Buenos Aires (Argentina) had to deal with the unusual threat of an armed robber. A man armed with a gun entered the establishment, Varon Carnes, while they were still closed to the public, the employees were preparing to open the store. José Ramallo was working in the back room when the thief pointed his gun at him and demanded that he gave him the butchered-pig. One of the butchers, Martiarena Ariel says:

    “I came to see what was going on because I heard screams. I heard “Give me the pork or I will shoot you,” that’s when I realized we were in the process of being robbed. ”

    “I arrived with my boning knife, the man got scared and told me to go back. But I was not too worried because I saw that he only wanted to steal pork, apparently he did not intend to steal money, nor mobile or anything else ” .

The butcher was stunned, and struggled to win the huge piece of meat, over 50kg; the thief eventually gets it himself, kept his gun in his hand and of he went. He fled the butchery with an accomplice on a motorbike. See video below.

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