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‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Season 2 Trailer: TV’s Most Provocative Drama Returns With A Literal Bang

How do you follow-up one of the most audacious television seasons in recent memory? Fans of Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan’s “The Girlfriend Experience” have been asking that question ever since the STARZ anthology series wrapped up its brilliant first run of episodes, and now we’re beginning to see what’s in store for the ambitious next chapter thanks to the official Season 2 trailer.

The new season follows two separate storylines. The first is set against the backdrop of the 2018 U.S. mid-term election and tracks the relationship between Erica Myles (Anna Friel), a commanding and finance director of a Republican super PAC, and Anna Garner (Louisa Krause), a confident and intelligent escort provider. The second storyline stars Carmen Ejogo (“Selma,” “It Comes At Night”) as a former high-end escort who enters the Witness Protection Program in order to escape her abusive relationship.

IndieWire named “The Girlfriend Experience” the best directed drama series of the 21st century, and the Season 2 trailer is further proof it deserves the title. The first footage is split between the two storylines and features the kind of blocking that made Season 1 one of the most visually distinct programs on the air.

“The Girlfriend Experience” will premiere at TIFF next month before beginning its run on STARZ beginning Sunday, November 5 at 9pm ET. Watch the first trailer.

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