The Greatest American Police Cars From Auto History

Police cruisers parked on a street in Washington, DC

Police cruisers parked on a street in Washington, DC Washington, D.C. police cruisers parked on K Street | KAREN BLEIER/Getty Images

In America, the average cop car is a tuned version of a family sedan. Cars like the Chevrolet Caprice are most likely to be cop cars in the States because they blend into the landscape to the point that drivers may overlook them while motoring along. That isn’t the case everywhere. Many cities and countries use exotic cars, instead. Dubai, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, employs some of the most extreme examples of super-powered cop cars imaginable.

The greatest American cop cars have had oversized engines with high output and plenty of torque. In some cases, these cars have become synonymous with televisions shows. Think of old favorites like The Dukes of Hazzard, The Andy Griffith Show, and CHiPs. You can almost see the cop cars featured in those shows in your mind’s eye.

We built our list by looking at pursuit cop cars and your everyday radio car. In most instances, pursuit cars and radio cars share the same body style, but pursuit cars offer more beef where it counts — horsepower and torque. The cars are fast and strong, just the way many American drivers prefer their transportation.

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