The Gross Ingredients That Are Lurking in Your Cosmetics

Unless you compulsively check the back of your cosmetic bottles for ingredients, you never know what’s lurking in your lotions and potions. Sure, every formula has its fair share of good ingredients, but a lot of the things you slather on your face, legs, and scalp are simply bizarre. If you can stomach it, scroll down to see 10 gross ingredients in your beauty products.

1. Snail mucin


Snail Snail slime could be the reason for your gorgeous glow. |

In Korean culture, taking care of your skin is something you’re taught as a child. At some point many men and women eventually adopt a thorough, 10-step ritual. But perhaps the most bizarre part of K-beauty is its zany ingredients. The strangest? Snail mucin. While it’s reportedly packed with the proteins, acids, and elastin you’d usually find in your creams, at least according to Business Insider, we shudder at the mere thought of slapping snail goo on our face.

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