The History of the Batman Symbol Over the Years

While the shared cinematic superhero universe is only 16 or so years old, many of the characters we see on-screen have a history that dates back decades. Enter Batman, one of DC’s oldest superheroes, whose origins can be traced all the way to his first iteration in the 1939 issue of Detective Comics. The Dark Knight has since become one of the most iconic heroes of all time, going through a series of reboots, reworks, and updates throughout the years. As Bruce Wayne’s many costumes and looks have evolved, so too have Batman’s many logos. Here’s the full history of every single Batman symbol.

1939 — Detective Comics #27

Batman's 1939 logo

Batman's 1939 logo Batman’s 1939 logo | via YouTube

This logo has the distinction of being Batman’s first symbol, marking his first ever appearance in Detective Comics #27. Interestingly enough, the number of points on the wings would change panel-to-panel, with continuity across single issues being a lower priority back in 1939.

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