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The Hottest-Selling Vehicles That Are Flying Off Dealer Lots in 2017

Americans couldn’t get enough new cars in 2016. With 17.6 million sold last year, it was a new record, just edging out 2015. Which beat 2014, which beat 2013, which… well, you get the idea. Since 2010, buyers have been scooping up new cars like never before, leading to unprecedented boom times in the industry.

In 2017 however, it seems like the magic is fading fast. Manufacturers needed to inflate the market with incentives to set the record at the end of last year, and with sales down overall, it looks like this year will see a leveling off of the market, if not a noticeable step back.

That doesn’t mean the good times still aren’t rolling at car dealerships. First of all, a number of models are slated to be replaced or updated for 2018, which means dealers will be eager to make deals on outgoing models. Secondly, a sea change in the type of vehicles buyers want is making for some very interesting buying patterns. So based on the most up-to-date numbers provided by Good Car Bad Car, here are the 12 models dealers can’t keep on the lots in 2017. 

12. Nissan Altima

2017 Nissan Altima | Nissan

Sales of Nissan’s midsize sedan have exploded over the past few years, and 2017 is proving to be no exception. The Altima is a handsome, reliable, comfortable family car, and starting at $22,500, it offers a lot for the price. Compared to 2016, numbers are down a significant 16.9%, but the Altima is still selling like hotcakes. Nissan has sold 118,242 of them through May.

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