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The Irrefutable Signs You’re Ready to Get a Dog

So, you want to get a dog, do you? That’s fantastic news, and we’re over the moon for you. However, if you’ve not yet decided you’re 100% ready to make the move, there are plenty of things that still need some mulling over. For instance, have you considered whether you’ll need to alter your work schedule? Or how much you’ll need to budget for pet supplies? These are just a couple of the important questions you need to ask yourself.

Whether you’re absolutely certain you’re ready, or there’s still more research to be done, every potential pet owner could use a little refresher course in the matter. Here’s what you need to have before bringing home a pup of your own.

1. You have enough time to devote to a dog

Young girl with dog in the park

Young girl with dog in the park You’re able to give your dog plenty of TLC. | Mbot/Getty Images

Having enough time to train a dog is probably the single most important requirement of a new dog owner. Even if you adopt an adult dog, you and your home are brand new for him, which means he still needs lots of your time and attention. Whether he’s already an impeccably trained canine or he’s entering your life in need of some TLC, any new pet will have a bit of an adjustment period in his new digs — and with his new owner.

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