Home News The Keepers: 10 Cars People Hold Onto for 10 Years or More

The Keepers: 10 Cars People Hold Onto for 10 Years or More

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Looking at cars people keep forever, Toyota SUVs like the original Highlander Hybrid dominate the pack | Toyota

What makes a car a keeper? For one thing, it has to be reliable. Any vehicle giving owners headaches in the first few years usually head to the used auto market. Versatility is a close second. The models owners keep for the long haul (at least a decade) have to be adaptable to changing lifestyles. Those that can handle another child or a new outdoor hobby make the cut.

According to research by iSeeCars.com, Japanese-branded SUVs and crossovers rule when it comes to the vehicles Americans keep longer than a decade. Using data on 2.5 million used auto sales over 25 model years (ending in 2006), the car search engine isolated the 10 vehicles that owner had kept at least 10 years. For the best models of the bunch, nearly one-third (32.1%) of all a car’s owners had kept it in the garage for over a decade.

That’s quite a track record, and you’ll notice two Japanese companies with the lion’s share of cars on the list. Here are the 10 vehicles that are the keepers — the ones people hold onto forever, or the next closest thing.

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