The Magic of Disney Cruises: Here’s Why People Keep Going Back for More

The Disney brand has quite the loyal fan base, and Disney cruises are no exception. Not surprisingly, tons of passengers become repeat customers; but why? What exactly is Disney’s special sauce when it comes to sailing the open seas?

Kids’ clubs, babysitting, adult areas, and endless food options are a given, so surely there’s something beyond that. But wonder no more; here are the reasons why people love the Disney Cruise Line.

1. Impeccable service and rotating waitstaff

waiter pouring tea at fancy meal

waiter pouring tea at fancy meal Service aboard Disney cruises is unmatched. | Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Disney Cruise Line offers top-notch hospitality, seeing as the brand built its entire mission around providing magical experiences for adults and children alike. And when it comes to sailing the high seas, Disney meets those same service standards. Just take a look at their dining model, for instance. While you might expect a different waitstaff with each new restaurant you visit, the service aboard Disney cruise ships is unique; your servers actually stay with you from night to night, regardless of where you’ll be dining.

Exceptional service, engaging cast members, and a crew that actually cares about making sure every passenger has the best vacation ever are top priority for Disney cruises. And the great service doesn’t stop with a polite staff.

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