The Makeup Rules Everyone With Fair Skin Needs to Know

Unless you have a glam squad of Kardashian proportions, doing your makeup is difficult. Contouring your face for model-esque cheekbones or nailing that subtle cat-eye is a challenge. But selecting makeup colors that will flatter your skin tone is just as important.

At The Cheat Sheet, we want to teach all women how to best select their makeup palette, and intend to do so. But if you’re the fairest of them all, we recently received some guidance tailored just for your skin complexion. We spoke with celebrity makeup artist and Smith & Cult beauty ambassador Ashlee Glazer about colors you should and shouldn’t use.

1. Wear: Green

Musician Taylor Swift

Musician Taylor Swift Taylor Swift shows off green lids. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

As a fair-skinned beauty, nearly every colorful eye shadow, lip color, or blush you dab on your face will create a striking, and completely blogger-approved, contrast. If you don’t want to be a makeup wallflower, try sweeping a light green on your lids. Glazer, who has worked with everyone from Marchesa fashion designer Georgia Chapman to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, says it’s a common color she uses for her fair clients.

As Kermit the frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” so we recommend any first-timers err on the side of caution. After all, you can always add more.

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