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The Mindful Benefits of a Yoga Regimen

As a firm believer in the health benefits that yoga represents, it is only fair to share them with those who don’t know. Over the years, Yoga has become my go to for, relieving stress, keeping a balanced mind and body, developing a stronger core, connecting mentally and physically to the universe, delving deeper into my physique and establishing the boundaries of strength, agility and preserverance that I seek. Through Yoga workouts, individuals are able to establish a solid foundation of mind and body, which eventually lead to an overall well being. Here are a list of yoga poses that will benefit you daily and they only take a few moments of your time to help center your mind.
1. Tree Pose
2. Stimulating Bellows Breathe Pose
3. Warrior Pose II
4. Eagle Pose
5. Child’s Pose
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