The MLB Teams Getting Nothing for Their Payrolls in 2017

Bruce Bochy takes the ball from Johnny Cueto at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Bruce Bochy takes the ball from Johnny Cueto at AT&T Park in San Francisco. It’s been a lost season for the $189 million Giants, but they are not alone. | Getty Images

After three months, an MLB team can usually tell whether it has a chance or if the time has come to give up on the season. Warning signs include a pitching staff unable to right itself and/or an offense that cannot score runs to capitalize on solid outings from starters. Sometimes, you just have to punt, and a General Manager with any sense will make the call about halfway through the schedule.

At that point, there is still a chance to save the season by putting yourself in a better position for next year. In 2017, we saw the Cubs snatch up one of the hottest pitching commodities on the market for that reason. Even though he may not save the club’s ’17 campaign, Jose Quintana is a durable arm for the future, and the White Sox will be better for getting prospects in return for him.

However, there are some failures even a savvy GM can’t save. They can’t do much with an older player riding a fat contract into the sunset. It pains an organization — not to mention its fanbase — to see these disasters play out. This season, several MLB clubs feel the burden of bad deals of the past. Here are six teams getting next to nothing for their 2017 payrolls.

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