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The Most Deadly Foods People Actually Eat

Most of us take a few risks when we try a new food. After all, there’s always a chance that we’ll hate whatever it is. And most of us would really think twice before ingesting foods that are banned in the United States.

Scarily enough, those banned foods aren’t the only ones that can have some pretty terrifying consequences. Amazingly, people regularly eat deadly foods both in the U.S. and around the world.

Read on to check out these deadly foods, ranked from the least harmful to those that induce the scariest symptoms — or could even kill you.

17. Blood clams

Fresh blood cockle

Fresh blood cockle Fresh blood clams | iStock.com/Kris_ITE

If the gruesome name isn’t enough to make you think twice about sampling this delicacy, the off-putting appearance might. The New York Times notes that blood clams get their bloody appearance from high levels of hemoglobin. (Most other kinds of clams, for the record, have clear blood.)

Cultivated in Southeast Asia, blood clams filter 40 liters of sea water per day. That means that the clams absorb harmful bacteria and viruses, including hepatitis, typhoid, and dysentery, when harvested in areas without standard sanitary regulations. The hepatitis virus, for instance, can survive for as long as three months in the clams and can infect people who eat them. With proper medical attention, you’ll likely live — but you probably won’t want to eat blood clams ever again.

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