The Most Fascinating Things People Think About Your Pet’s Personality

As pet owners and animal lovers, we ascribe a lot of human traits to the cats and dogs in our lives. (After all, we’re preoccupied with figuring out whether our cats or dogs love us. Here’s a hint, though: They definitely do!) Just as people have personalities, pets have their own unique temperaments and characteristics. And, according to a fascinating study by Perky-Pet, we’ve come to associate at least a few traits with cats, dogs, and even specific dog breeds.

Below, check out some of the traits that your friends or family might ascribe to your pet.

1. Dogs are more comforting than cats

walking a black Lab puppy

walking a black Lab puppy Dogs won with their comforting presence. |

Perky-Pet asked survey respondents to rate dogs and cats on different personality characteristics. The first up? The ability of each kind of pet to be a comforting presence for their owners. Dogs came out ahead with this personality characteristic. That might be because many cats only hang out with their owners when they feel like it — unlike dogs, who are happy to cuddle and comfort their owners any time.

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