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The Most Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Ivanka Trump

The Trump family makes headlines constantly. But Ivanka Trump, despite her powerful position in the White House, often flies under the radar. You probably know Ivanka has some successful businesses of her own. Plus, you’re likely aware that she has three children with her husband, Jared Kushner. And you might have heard she loves to golf. But which facts and secrets are you missing out on?

Read on for some lesser-known facts about Ivanka Trump.

1. Ivanka loves accessories — including colored contacts

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump arrives at a viewing party for The Celebrity Apprentice. | Rob Loud/Getty Images 

As most people would expect from a woman who sells shoes and handbags, Ivanka seems to love accessories. InStyle cites “perfect peep-toe pumps” and an “assortment of top-handle bags” as integral to her chic professional wardrobe. Ivanka also gave some advice on dressing for a conservative office. She said, “Statement accessories are the easiest way to change your look. Patterned shoes or a leopard print belt can make even the simplest black dress look more fashion forward.” And she also cited “killer high-heel pumps” as a key piece in a work wardrobe.

But one accessory you probably haven’t noticed Ivanka wearing? She appears to wear colored contacts. Refinery29 reports Ivanka’s eyes change color, “and not in a way that could be passed off as a trick of the light or camera flash. In various appearances, she’s swapped her natural brown eyes for what appears to be deep hazel or bright green contacts — sometimes even in the same day.”

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