The Most Hated Home Chores (And How to Master Them)

Tackling that never-ending list of chores is no walk in the park. While some tasks may be less time-consuming than others, most home chores require a lot of work, time, and patience. But don’t give up hope just yet. You know your list has to get done, so you may as well figure out the easiest, most efficient way — and we can help!

When it comes to the most hated home chores, here are the best ways to master them.

1. Folding fitted sheets

Stack of clean bedding sheets

Stack of clean bedding sheets Folding fitted sheets can be a nightmare. | Belchonock

Master it by lining up the corners.

Is it even possible to keep fitted sheets cleanly folded? As Martha Stewart has taught us, yes, it is. You’re not alone in your aversion to this task, though. It’s probably one of the most frustrating chores of all time, and most of us would rather settle for a crumpled-up mess. But it’s time to say goodbye to an unsightly linen closet, and time to learn the right way to fold fitted sheets.

First, you’re going to put each hand in the top two corners inside out, with the elastic edge facing you. Then, fold it in half vertically, and flip the right corner over the left. Turn the sheet 180 degrees to make a second pocket up top. Hold two corners over each hand, keeping the tucked and gathered edge facing you. Fold it in half again so that all four fitted corners are together, and flip the right set of corners over the left. Then fold the sheet as usual.

Still confused? We thought you might be. For a demonstration on how to master the fold of the fitted sheet, check out this video from Real Simple.

Next: If you use a duvet, this next one’s for you.

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