The Most Infuriating Things People Always Say on ‘House Hunters’

You know it. You watch it. Most of all, you love to hate it. House Hunters is an oddly mesmerizing show that grips viewers right from the start. No matter how much you try to fight it, the powers of annoyingly addictive reality TV prevail. Before you know it, you’ve just watched ten episodes straight, wondering why you’re still in the same house you’ve been in for the past five years.

Enough about our viewing behavior; let’s get back to what makes the series so compelling in the first place. As potential homebuyers scour the land for that perfect dream house, viewers watch in amazement, clinging on to every word that passes their lips. From outlandish demands to impossibly silly requests, a person’s home-buying criteria are what makes the show pure gold.

So, sit back, relax, and grab yourself a front row seat. Here are 18 of the most infuriating things people always say on House Hunters.

1. Our budget is [insert ridiculous number here]

piggy bank in front of property

piggy bank in front of property The budgets are just outrageous. |

If it seems as though some house hunters are living in an alternate universe where their budget doesn’t quite match up with what they do for a living, it’s because they are. (Just check out this hilarious article from The Huffington Post, for example.) Many of their professions hardly seem to support the staggering home budgets. But the only conclusion we can come to is that most people chosen to appear on House Hunters must have one hell of a money tree growing in their backyard.

Next: More to come on the issue of unrealistic budgets

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