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The Most Loved Grocery Store Chains in America

Make no mistake — Americans are very particular when it comes to where they buy groceries. While a few lucky individuals have time to run all over town hunting down the best sales and coupons, most of us have a limited amount of time to do our grocery shopping. When we’re grocery shopping, we’re looking for dependable quality, fair prices, quick checkout lines, fresh produce, clean stores, friendly staff, and, oh yeah, a free sample or two wouldn’t hurt.

And while online retailers such as Amazon are counting on consumers moving toward online shopping for their groceries, that transition has been slow. Most people are still getting their milk, eggs, and bread from traditional brick and mortar locations instead.

Where are most people in America shopping? Consumer management company Market Force recently took a poll of 12,000 shoppers to find out. (Market Force asked participants to rate their satisfaction with their most recent grocery shopping experience and their likelihood to refer that grocer to others. Then they averaged the results to rank each brand based on a Composite Loyalty Index score.)

Read on to discover the best-loved grocery stores in the country for 2017, from least to most popular. (No. 1 might surprise you.)

20. Giant Food Stores

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grocery shopping, budget People love and hate Giant. | iStock.com

Americans have a love/hate relationship with Giant. This East Coast retailer also earned a spot on the most hated grocery store list, though they weren’t ranked as “poor” in any one category. With a decent variety of items, including organic, weekly digital coupons, and gas points, Giant does a good job of keeping their potential and current customers relatively happy.