The Most Questionable Celebrity Hair Color Choices of All Time

Bad hair days are a universal annoyance, and not even celebrities are immune. It’s true — stars, they’re just like us. They even go through some pretty questionable hair color choices that remind us our platinum blonde phase wasn’t so bad after all.

Here, a look at 15 of the most questionable celebrity hair color choices of all time that shocked, awed, and amazed us. These drastic, dated, and overdone dye jobs are a perfect example of what happens when bad hair happens to good stars.

1. Drew Barrymore

Spotlight On "Whip It" - 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

Spotlight On "Whip It" - 2009 Toronto International Film Festival Drew Barrymore made an odd choice with this look.| Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images

In 2008, actress Drew Barrymore took her pretty blonde bob and dip-dyed the tips black, making it look as if she had just had an unfortunate run-in with an oil spill or an inkwell. This was a new kind of two-tone ’do that only left us scratching our non-two-tone heads.

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