The Most Visited Cities in the World


milanI always say that as a traveler, there are some cities in the world that you should not die without visiting. The magic of some places cannot be achieved by reading it in papers or streaming it from the Internet: visit them. I am sure that you know some of the most visited cities in the world are famous and popular tourist destinations. Would you expect Paris to lack in this list? Not at all. However, here are other most visited cities in the world that you probably didn’t know about.


seoulSeoul, a city in the heart of South Korea, attracts close to 10 million tourists every year. Apart from having several UNESCO world heritage sites, it temples and palaces dating back to the 14th century. There are also tens of museums within the city. Finally, its title as one of the most advanced city in terms of architectural design promises you attractive city scapes and ultra-modern infrastructure.


amsterdamOn average, 7.5 million tourists visit this city in the Netherlands and this makes it appear on top of the list of most visited cities in the world. It is (jokingly) said that this number is attracted by the fact that cannabis is legal there. Well, in addition to the numerous cannabis cafes, Amsterdam has historic buildings, the Van Gogh Museum, exquisite jazz clubs, nightlife, and world-class discotheques.


japan tokyoIf you want a taste of the finest sushi, learn the deepest Japanese cultures and experience the Kabuki theater, pack your bags and head to Tokyo. You will experience rich Japanese culture mingled with modern skyscrapers, green spaces, museums and restaurants, not to mention one of the most popular metropolises in the world.


singaporeSingapore is fast gaining a reputation as a popular luxury destination. It has serious gambling casinos, high-end hotel chains, unique cuisine and a perfect multi-ethnic population. Water sports also act as the factor that contributes to average annual visits by over 12 million tourists.

Now you know them! The details provided here are just but a tip of the iceberg. You can only experience the full magic by visiting them. Do you know other most visited cities in the world? Well, share with us!

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