The Negative Effects of Loud Music you Should be Aware of

I am sure that if I was sitting close to you, I might have earned a curse or a few kicks for saying loud music has adverse effects. I know the truth might not always please us: but I assert that too loud music will interfere with your health. If you let me explain, I will urge you to tone down your music loudness and listen to what it might do to you.

Young people enjoy music in their cribs, cars, at parties and discos. This can be harmful. ENT physicians state that there are negative effects of loud music: and I will list them here.


Loud music, as much as you might feel like you like it, annoys your brain. The brain has acceptable limits that allow it to process information. Therefore, when you exceed the rating, it means the brain has to struggle in regulating the excess noise and in processing the information. This scenario may lead to irritability, uncontrolled actions and emotional imbalance.


Do you know that rushing, buzzing, or ringing sound that you hear in your ears after turning off the music or leaving the disco? That is what we call tinnitus. If you keep listening to loud music, tinnitus becomes permanent, and you will always hear in especially when it is quiet. As such, you might end up with disturbing or annoying sounds in your ears for the rest of your life. Moreover, what is worse: of all the negative effects of loud music: Tinnitus has no cure.

Irregular Heartbeat

pulseElder people detest loud music, not because they hate it, but because they are more sensitive to it. Excess dBs (Decibels) interfere with their hearing and heartbeat. It is common for them to experience headaches when exposed to such. To the young, excessively loud music will interfere with the heartbeat. For instance, as the heart kicks outwards, waves from sound blaster might hit the heart in the opposite direction. This might alter the normal rhythm of the muscles and electrical impulse. In the end, heart-related problems such as scarring and low blood pressure might develop.

Is that too loud to adhere to? Alternatively, do you have any more facts the negative effects of loud music? Please share them with us: we are ready to listen!

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