The Serious Advantages Being Single Has Over Being in a Relationship

Though being in a relationship can be great, there are many times when being single beats being in a relationship. Relationships have their downfalls, and even though couples are always smiling, blissful, and happy on social media or in public, every relationship has its more complicated dark side. If you’re single, be glad you can reap these benefits.

1. You don’t have to deal with drama

Couple fighting

Couple fighting It’s much easier to just have to worry about your own problems. |

There is nothing worse than the stress that ensues in the wake of any sort of life change. You think it’s hard to figure out your life? Imagine having to balance what you want with what your partner wants. Your partner wants to go to grad school on the east coast, and you want to move back to your small hometown in Montana and settle down. Either both of you compromise and no one fully gets what they want, or one of you wins. Talk about resentment, plus plenty of drama, fighting, and stress.

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