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The Signs That Your Partner Isn’t in Love With You Anymore

When you love someone and they love you back, the high is unbeatable. You could spend all day together, can’t get enough of each other, and find yourself saying and doing things you swore you would never do. But when things start to change, and you’re no longer sure if your partner is still in love with you, the feelings you have for them can begin to feel like a burden. It’s hard to distinguish your own insecurity from a true sense that something in your relationship has changed.

Are you being paranoid or is your partner actually becoming more distant and uninterested?

1. They go MIA

man ignoring a phone call

man ignoring a phone call If they constantly ignore calls, they could be trying to send a message. | iStock.com

If you used to text your partner throughout the day and rarely spent an evening without them, you’ll notice when they start replying to your messages an hour later with short, to-the-point responses and make up excuses for why they can’t hang out tonight. They may blame it on a busy workweek or the need for alone time, but if they’re head-over-heels in love with you, they’d make time to call, text, and spend time with you — even on the busiest of days. 

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