Home News The Surprising Things Europeans Judge American Tourists For

The Surprising Things Europeans Judge American Tourists For

Traveling abroad is extremely exciting. No matter where you go, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to soak in different cultures and live life a little differently for a while. However, there are certain American behaviors that the European locals will definitely judge you for. Read on to find out what not to do on your next European vacation.

1. Not being able to handle your alcohol

Drunk guys at a bar

Drunk guys at a bar Just know your limit. | Polka Dot Images/iStock/Getty Images

If you’ve ever been to London especially, you know that enjoying a spirit or two (… or five) after a long day at work is just a part of the culture. When you’re on vacation, when you’re abroad, it’s not unusual to indulge in an extra drink or two than you’d normally have. As a result, not being able to “handle their alcohol” is on the list of things Europeans judge American tourists for.   

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