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The Ultimate iPad “double size , double prize”

Mac evidently left an Easter egg in the beta form of iOS 9 that unequivocally recommends support for an imminent super-sized iPad. The iPad Pro, as is being called now of now, will probably have a display resolution size of “2732×2048, which at 12.9-inches, turns out to 263 pixels-per-inch,” as per Chance Miller at 9to5Mac. At this size, Horace Dediu of Asymco tweets, “the greatest iPad will be greater than the smallest Mac.” Yes, the lines are crossing!

The wellspring of this theory is an Irish engineer named Steve Troughton Smith. He tweeted this revelation yesterday: “Likewise new in iOS 9 – UIKeyboard appears to scale to a much bigger until now concealed iPad screen measure.” The bigger inherent console just bodes well in the setting of a bigger iPad.

The pixel width of this new gadget would be equivalent to the stature of a current iPad Air 2. It appears to be consistent that it could run two full-measure iPad applications in part screen mode in iOS9 (see picture beneath). The confined console experience of the iPad (on-screen or as an extra) restricts its capacities regarding business or scholarly efficiency


Estimating the value for the iPad Pro will be aggressive with the Surface Pro 3 and a premium over the iPad Air 2. The Surface Pro 3 begins at $799 for the 64GB model, which is a $200 premium over the 64GB iPad Air 2. Sectioning on the other side is the new 512GB MacBook at $1,599, which comes in $200 under the high-end of the Surface Pro 3 line. I expect the iPad Pro valuing will fall inside of this section ($799-$1,599). The gadgets would then be generally twofold the expense of the present top of the line iPads and likely range in memory from 64GB to 512GB like the Surface Pro 3. The inquiry everybody will be making is, as to whether iPad Pro can turn around the fall purchasing of iPad.