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The Verge Guide to the iPhone

The Verge Guide to the iPhone is a comprehensive page that will help you decide which iPhone to buy, learn how to use its best features, and educate you about iOS — arguably, the world’s best mobile operating system.

Our guide is organized by sections, including iPhone model recommendations, plenty of iOS how-tos, accessories for your Apple device you should keep an eye out for, unique things about the iOS platform, and of course, videos by The Verge staff on everything in between.

If you’re looking to buy your first iPhone (or replace your old one) iPhone, we recommend reading the reviews by The Verge staff on today’s flagship models, as well as our how-to for selling your older iPhone.

Do you plan to buy an iPhone on a tighter budget? We’d recommend waiting until the iPhone XR comes out, as well as reading the important takeaways that hopefully will help you make your big purchase.

However, if you already have an iPhone, or just want to increase your knowledge of using iOS, our how-tos can teach you everything you need to know (or already knew) about some of your phone’s more advanced features. Take a look around and learn how to create your own Animoji, fast charge your iPhone, or even use a virtual home button instead of iOS’ new gestures.

And don’t worry, you can always come back to this page, just in case you didn’t finish reading The Verge Guide to the iPhone in one sitting.

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