‘The Walking Dead’: Everything That’s Happened to Rick in the Comics

For fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is an iconic character. Maybe you love him, or maybe you hate him, but you can’t deny the influence he’s had on the trajectory of the long-running series.

His role in TWD’s source material — Robert Kirkman’s comic book series — is every bit as pronounced. From the very first issue through the most recent, he’s been a guiding force — and an abiding presence. He’s the first major character we meet, and one of only two left remaining from the first volume of comics.

Since he’s the main character, it’s nearly impossible to distill Rick’s entire story in The Walking Dead comics into a tidy summary. But we can tell you the major things that the comics’ protagonist has faced. Here’s everything major that’s happened to Rick in The Walking Dead comics.

Familiar origins

Rick Grimes, wearing his sheriff's uniform, points a gun in an image from the comics.

Rick Grimes, wearing his sheriff's uniform, points a gun in an image from the comics. The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes | Image Comics

Richard Grimes, aka Rick, is the first character we really get to know in The Walking Dead comics. And, truth be told, his trajectory in much of the comics, especially the first volume “Days Gone Bye,” is quite similar to what we’ve seen play out on TV.

A small-town sheriff’s deputy, he is wounded in a shoot-out and awakens a month later from a coma to find the world has considerably more undead people in it than he remembers. He meets Morgan and his son, Duane, and makes the journey to Atlanta in the hopes that his family and friends — namely wife, Lori, son, Carl, and friend, Shane — went that way, too.

He finds them on the road, along with Glenn, Dale, Andrea, Carol, and a few other familiar faces. And from that point on, he becomes a de facto leader, whether he was ready to be one or not.

In the comics, Rick has landed in many locations that will be familiar to fans of AMC’s series: Hershel’s farm, the prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria have all been key stops along his journey. But the steps he’s taken to get to each of them, and many of his other interactions, have at times been much different.

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