Personal style in the ’90s may not have been as eclectic and unique from person to person as it is today, but it sure was chic. It was also quite wearable, which likely explains the reason for the enduring popularity of trends and outfits from the decade. Understandably, one of our favorite pastimes is scrolling through Getty Images to see what celebs that are still famous today were wearing 20+ years ago.

Given the season, it’s hard to think of any outfits but winter outfits. We find that winter is the trickiest season to find cool shoes for as they should also be functional (or at least keep your feet warm). So who better to look to for guidance than stylish celebs in the ’90s? We looked through tons of photos and noticed a few patterns when it came to winter footwear (in addition to the fact that they wore a lot of black shoes in the ’90s). Lo and behold, these shoe styles that wise women like J.Lo and Anna Wintour are wearing are once again trends.

Keep scrolling for the three winter shoe styles celebs in the ’90s wore and shop the present-day versions of the trends.

Now you know why square-toe boots are back with a vengeance… I’ve come across numerous examples of celebs wearing square-toe boots in the winter, especially in the airport, oddly enough.

We found that many celebs in the ’90s were particularly wise when it came to heels in the winter. For example, Anna Wintour wore black kitten heel ankle boots for a night out with Karl Lagerfeld, and Gwyneth Paltrow wore Gucci high-heel loafers on the red carpet.

And last but not least, get thee a pair of knee boots! It’s been a while since we’ve seen this trend become as wildly popular as it is this winter, but after seeing J.Lo’s and Kate Moss’s outfits, it’s clear that the style definitely deserves to be a trend again.

Next up, all of the ’90s fashion trends that have (and haven’t) made a comeback.