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The Worst Things Airplanes Do to Your Skin

Between the stress of traveling and the effects of cabin pressure, traveling by air can do your skin dirty. That being said, if you come prepared — i.e., pack your carry-on with nourishing beauty products — and follow a few skin care travel tips, you can ward off the effects airplane travel with ease.

We share the worst things airplanes to do your skin — plus, what to do about it — up ahead.

1. It can seriously dehydrate the skin

Young woman is drinking coffee in airport

Young woman is drinking coffee in airport Coffee and cocktails can make dehydration worse. | S-dmit/Getty Images

Have you ever de-boarded a plane only to be faced with ultra dry, dehydrated skin? It’s not just you. Thanks to the lack of humidity in an aircraft cabin, which is a whopping 20-50% lower than what the skin is most comfortable in, air travel can leave your skin in desperate need of hydration. And to make matters worse, that mid-flight cocktail can also suck the moisture from your skin.

To counter this, make sure you drink enough water before, during, and after a flight. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also apply a hydrating overnight mask to your complexion before boarding. In addition to nourishing and replenishing the skin, overnight masks are typically transparent. So luckily, you can rock your skin care without looking like a total weirdo.

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