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These Are Signs You’re Doing Entirely Too Much Cardio

There’s nothing like a good hour of circuit training, cycling, or swimming to get your blood pumping, build endurance, and burn through calories at the speed of light. If you love your cardio as much as many athletes do, you may find yourself on the treadmill or slaving over the rowing machine for over an hour a day, but is all that work really paying off?

If your go-to exercise involves a lot of sweating and jumping around and not a lot of weight training, you may be going on a cardio overload, which can cause major stress on your body and halt your progress in its tracks. Your physical and mental health can become strained from too much cardio exercise. Eventually, you’ll feel too tired and burned out to continue with your training. Here are the signs that it’s time to stop doing so much cardio and add in other forms of exercise instead.

1. You’re constantly tired

man sleeping on office desk

man sleeping on office desk Feeling constantly tired? Look at how much cardio you’re doing. | iStock.com

Getting your blood pumping at the gym is a great way to increase your energy levels — lightly jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes or going to a spin class every week is a great way to feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day. But if you’re finding that no matter how much coffee you drink or sleep you get, you’re still exhausted during the day, you could be overdoing your cardio routine.

The Huffington Post explains exercise is a form of physical stress on the body. The more exercise you do, the better equipped you are to deal with it, which is what increases your endurance over time. There is a limit to your body’s stress capacity, though. If you’re putting your body through too much training too fast, you won’t be able to cope. You’ll also be more susceptible to illness and exercise-induced injuries. Try lightening your sessions and adding some weight training.