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These Are the Best Barbell Exercises for Total-Body Strength

Whether you’re working out at home or at the gym, barbells are a great way to go. They’re versatile enough to target every muscle in your body because you can move them in any direction, and you can easily add or subtract weight. This is great for transitioning from one lift to the next as well as increasing the load as you get stronger.

Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to work out. Get started with these five exercises.

1. Deadlifts


deadlift Deadlifts are incredibly effective. | iStock.com

To do this move, begin with a barbell placed on the floor just in front of your feet. You should stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Keeping your core tight and your back flat, bend at the knees and grip the bar with both hands. Use your legs to push off the ground and stand all the way up, again keeping your back flat and your gaze forward. You’ll end with the bar just below your hips. Carefully lower the bar back to the ground in the same way, keeping your back flat the entire time. If you need a little more guidance, head to Muscle & Strength for a video demonstration.