These Are the Fantastic Beauty Products Victoria’s Secret Models Swear By

The Victoria’s Secret ladies are probably best known for sporting some look-at-her lingerie during the yearly fashion show, but strutting the infamous runway is just one part of the job. These models have photo shoots and appearances all the time, and we have to wonder: What makes up these boudoir babes’ beauty regimens?

They’re not just winging it when it comes to perfecting their routine, after all. So, what is the secret to supermodel hair and catwalk complexion — aside from drinking tons of water (preferably with lemon), and ensuring that beauty sleep is a priority? We’ve compiled a lineup of 10 beauty products that the Victoria’s Secret models swear by — and it’s probably pretty safe to say they know their stuff. So, grab some H20 and read on.

1. NARS Matte Velvet Mysterious Red lip pencil

Victoria's Secret model beauty

Victoria's Secret model beauty NARS Matte Velvet Mysterious Red lip pencil | NARS Cosmetics

Perhaps first on your list of model must-haves is the secret to achieving that camera-ready pout. For Portuguese PYT Sara Sampaio, it’s quite simple. When she’s wanting to add some punch to her lips and plenty of va-va-voom factor, she relies on the NARS Velvet Red lip pencil. It is her go-to shade. Plus, it is “really easy to apply,” she tells Elle. Now, you can kiss all your red-lipstick woes goodbye.

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