These Are the Heroic Pets Who Saved People’s Lives

Cat and dog owners alike adore their pets. And though it’s not always obvious from their behavior and body language, dogs and cats do love their owners back. Sometimes, our pets show extreme bravery to save us from danger or avert tragedy. Want to meet a cat who helped stop a man from committing suicide? How about a dog who fought off coyotes to save his owner? Or a cat who alerted his family to a deadly house fire?

Read on to meet some of the most heroic pets who have made the news for saving people’s lives.

20. The ‘Hero Cat’ who rescued a child from an attacking dog

cat in grass

cat in grass A brave cat stopped a dog from attacking a child. |

Sometimes, an animal attacks a child. And every once in a while, another animal comes to the rescue. That’s exactly what happened when a heroic cat saved a child from a dog attack in Bakersfield, California. The dog, which belonged to a neighbor, dragged the boy off his bicycle with his teeth. But the attack was cut short by the family cat, affectionately identified by the media as “Hero Cat.” She threw herself at the dog and chased the canine away from the child, staving off further injuries. Roger Triantafilo, the father of 4-year-old Jeremy, explained the dog “did not know what hit him” when the cat sprang into action.

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