Home News These Are the Most Hated Pizza Toppings Everybody Despises

These Are the Most Hated Pizza Toppings Everybody Despises

The best pizza toppings to put on your pie is a pretty controversial topic — and rightfully so. Whether you get your pizza delivered or make it at home, pizza is an indulgence. You want your pizza to be worth it. And nothing ruins a pizza faster than the wrong toppings.

Aaron Quint and Michael R. Bernstein report for Lucky Peach that if you want to make a great pizza, no pizza toppings are really off-limits. “If you do it with taste and style, it can be done right,” they write. “If you don’t, it can go horribly, horribly wrong.” These are the most hated pizza toppings many people think take a pie from delicious to disgusting.

15. Spinach

thin-crust spinach pizza ready to be sliced

thin-crust spinach pizza ready to be sliced Spinach pizza | iStock.com

Most people don’t order a pizza when they want a healthy meal. And it definitely shows in their choice of pizza toppings. The Daily Meal cites spinach as one of the worst pizza toppings, complaining about the vegetable’s ability to make a pizza soggy while imparting very little flavor.

Cooked spinach has a particularly tenacious reputation as a slimy vegetable. And asking your pizza guy to throw some spinach on your pizza isn’t likely to give you any evidence to the contrary. Thrillist reports even pizza masters find themselves in disagreement over whether spinach belongs on a pizza.

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