These Are the Worst Things You Could Ever Say to Someone Who Loves Disney

With an undying passion for the brand and a loyalty that’s often unmatched, Disney fans are a hearty breed. Whether you love the brand or hate it, there’s no denying Walt Disney created a product consumers are crazy about. Decades later, the multi-billion-dollar empire continues to thrive.

While you may think some people take their love for Disney a bit too far, we suggest keeping your opinions to yourself on this one. If you know a Disney super-fan, here are some of the worst things you could ever say.

1. Adults who go to Disney World without kids are weird

Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters in front of castle

Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters in front of castle No kids? You’re not alone; lots of adults visit Disney without kids. | Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images

Despite your personal views on the matter, saying this to someone’s face is just plain rude. When you’re in the presence of someone who clearly loves going to Disney, with or without children in tow, it’s best to think back to the lessons learned in kindergarten. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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