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These Bed Bath & Beyond Back-to-School Items Are a Total Waste of Money

It’s officially back-to-school season, which can only mean one thing: Sales (of totally useless things) are going to skyrocket. And fewer big box stores are more familiar with the concept of slinging stuff you don’t need than Bed Bath & Beyond. For instance, there’s an entire section dedicated to just that.

Yes, there are some products that have merit, like bedspreads. Then there are others that are totally unnecessary, not to mention wildly overpriced. (To be clear, all the items that made our list were found right on the store’s website in the “college” category.) So, consider yourself warned, and keep your money where it belongs — in your wallet.

1. Stylish study setup

Desk with chair and lamp

Desk with chair and lamp Chic Studying 101 | Bed Bath & Beyond

Money you’ll be wasting: Up to $119.99

If your child lives in a dorm room, you can completely bypass the furniture section. But if he’s moving into an apartment or house (good luck with that), he’ll likely need some additional items. Don’t be duped by the “we’ve already put a set together so you don’t have to” sales tactic. These costly combinations, like this set, can — and will — add up.

Next: Every college student loves receiving these. 

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