These Companies Cover 100% of Your Health Care Costs and Are Hiring Right Now

Michael Scott holds up insurance book

Michael Scott holds up insurance book Michael Scott from The Office knows how important health care is, too. | NBC

Health care is a critical part of every one of our lives — and can be a costly one, too. While many companies choose to shrink their benefits packages during belt-tightening periods, some are committed to providing health care to their employees at any cost. For example, ZocDoc, a health care information technology company, practices what it preaches by covering all employee premiums.

“We believe that access to health care is the one big problem we are trying to solve in America … and we really should do our part,” says Oliver Kharraz, ZocDoc’s CEO. Companies like this understand that having happy, healthy employees is key to having a productive, cohesive workforce.

The 10 companies profiled below have truly chosen to support their employees through thick and thin by pledging to pay 100% of health care premiums for their workers.

1. Kimley-Horn and Associates

Company rating: 3.9

What it offers: Kimley-Horn and Associates, a civil engineering firm, covers 100% of employee’s “preventative health care premiums,” with options for coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and children. In addition, subsidies are offered for dental, vision, prescription drugs, and mental health.

What employees say: “Company’s core purpose is to see its employees flourish, and that is 100% true.” –Current employee

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