These Cool Gadgets Launched At CES 2015 Can Turn Your Digital Life Upside Down

Given how the market is flooded with tons of cool and out-of-the-box new age gadgets, there’s nothing extraordinary in every other person taking an avid interest and turning tech-pros overnight. The Young Tribune brings to you some of the best cool gadgets launched in the CES 2015 chapter.

Devialet Phantom

Cool Gadgets 1

Cool Gadgets Devialet

This is undoubtedly one of the best and eye-catching sound gear known worldwide. With its omni-directional wireless speaker combined with looks of the Death Star, this is a real fetch. Besides, something looking so swanky and having ‘heart bass implosion’ is hard to let go.

The Ring

Cool Gadgets: The Ring

Cool Gadgets: The Ring 2

This is a novel concept that has found acceptance among many internet users who prefer smart home security systems. The gadget allows the usage of certain gestures for controlling varied functions in the phone. The motion sensing feature that alerts the smartphone causing it to buzz and thereby allowing the visitor to communicate with the resident prior to getting in is what makes it special.



Cool Gadgets: Hearnotes 2

Cool Gadgets: Hearnotes

Not just wireless but ‘wirefree listening’ is the attribute characterizing Hearnotes. The company’s Kleer technology has clicked with most individuals who feel Bluetooth is passé; at least when it comes to the super ear buds comprising 3 different parts. With the advanced technology it has, the gadget offers enhanced sound quality.


Cool Gadgets: Kube

Cool Gadgets: Kube 2

Kube, a portable speaker that plays the best tunes and also offers a cool zone to stash those drinks is a complete package. Special mention lies for the Kube cooler that looks like a great accessory.

Hocoma Valedo

Cool Gadgets: Valedo

Cool Gadgets: Valedo 2

The launch of this smart, therapeutic platform is a real respite to ageing people battling with low back pain. The box comprises a pair of wearables that keeps a tab on the lower back and is akin to working out consistently for marked improvement.

Ampl SmartBackpack

Cool Gadgets: Backpack

Cool Gadgets: Backpack 2

A must mention in this list of cool gadgets is this backpack that screams power and protection. The smart gadget with a built-in 5000 mAh battery is a combo backpack / charging station. The bag sends the power, which alerts the charging point that helps fit gadgets (laptops, mobiles) to fit into any of the USB’s.


Cool Gadgets: hypr-3

Cool Gadgets: hypr-3 b

This is a feather light and thin gadget known to transform any mobile having Bluetooth connectivity into a digital wallet. Mini dynamite blessed with features to store credit and debit cards, safely; the open application programming interface (API) allows anyone to custom make apps or simply merges with those existing beforehand.


Cool Gadgets: Zuta-Printer

Cool Gadget: Zuta 2

A pocket printer that’s lightweight and portable too, this miracle gadget is ‘clever’ regardless of its success or acceptance. All that is required to be done is placing it on a paper and activating the print command on the phone. What happens thereafter is left to see.

Sensoria Smart Socks

Cool gadgets: Sensoria

Cool Gadgets: Sensoria 2

After smartphones, smart TV’s, it’s time to embrace smart socks. A real relief to those who kept injuring their feet frequently, the socks performs dual functions. Aside the extraordinary textile sensors that aids in tracking runners’ data, the cushioned, antibacterial material can be a little uncomfortable to wear but the warmth it lends is beyond comparison.


Cool Gadgets: pacif-i

Cool Gadgets: pacif-i 2

A smart pacifier tracking the baby’s health is a smart purchase. The Bluetooth-enabled device keeps checking on the toddler’s body temperature. This is carried out via basic sensors inside the silicon teat of the device, whereby vital information like the last time when the child was administered the medicine, dosage and other data are recorded well.

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