These Diet-Busting Restaurant Chains Are Astoundingly Bad for Your Health

Thanks to the big push for healthier eating, it’s possible to find a menu item that’s full of fresh, nutritious ingredients at most restaurants. You know what to look for — some type of veggie, a lean protein, and a healthy carb to round it off. Even fast food chains like McDonald’s are feeling the pressure for better options. But what about those restaurant chains that haven’t quite gotten the memo? Yes, they do still exist.

These are the worst of the worst restaurant chains that are seriously hurting your health.

1. Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave's logo

Famous Dave's logo Famous Dave’s has delicious barbecue, but it’s not exactly healthy. | Famous Dave’s via Facebook

There’s a reason barbecue’s popular. With sauced-up cuts of meat over an open flame with accompaniments like cornbread and potatoes, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, there’s really no hope for your health if you’re a regular at Famous Dave’s.

Unhealthiest entree: Founder’s Feast

For your cholesterol’s sake, skip this meal. The Founder’s Feast comes complete with everything you’d want out of an awesome barbecue: chopped pork, chicken, spareribs, sweet corn, baked beans, coleslaw, fries, and a cornbread muffin. Sound like enough? Well if you manage to eat the whole thing, you’re in for about 2,300 calories in just one meal. Yikes.

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