These Exercises Can Burn up to 200 Calories in 10 Minutes

Working out is tough, especially when you’d rather be doing anything else. Knowing which exercises to try when you don’t know where to start can be overwhelming. You want a fitness routine that works — and one that won’t take hours to finish. You’re in luck — these exercises burn a ton of calories — and it doesn’t take very long to do so. You can do them inside, outside, or at the gym — just be prepared to sweat, because you’re going to be torching calories like you never have before.

1. Jumping rope, 135 calories in 10 minutes

Jumping rope burns more calories than you might think.

Jumping rope burns more calories than you might think. Jumping rope is hard work. |

Calories burned: A 150-pound person can burn 135 calories in 10 minutes. 

Though it might look effortless, jumping rope is anything but — as evidenced by the number of calories you can burn in just 10 minute intervals. Try this workout for 10 straight minutes for a pure burn (you’ll definitely feel it in your arms!). Prepare for single and double jumps, side-to-sides, and plenty of running in place. The upside? You’ll burn up to 135 calories in a very short amount of time.

Next: A few laps across the pool can really pay off.

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