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These Foods Are Healthy Protein Alternatives to Meat

The World Health Organization released a study a few years back that pretty much squashed our hopes and dreams to say the least. And by that I mean that bacon (and other less-enticing-but-still-very-desirable meats) may increase your risk for cancer. This WHO report said that eating processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and ham raises the risk of colon cancer and consuming other meats “probably” raises that risk, so protein alternatives are looking like a better bet.

Protein is an important part of a balanced diet, and many rely on red meat sources to get it. If you have to eat your meats, choosing unprocessed, grass-fed, organic meat is your best option. Eating organic tends to be a safe bet. Regardless of this disappointing news, there are plenty of foods you can swap for meat to decrease your chances of getting cancer.

1. Lentils and beans

black beans in a bowl

black beans in a bowl Add some black beans into your diet. | iStock.com

Super cheap and easy to find, lentils and beans can replace just about any meat. Both are extremely hearty and are easy as a replacement food. Lentils are typically a replacement for ground beef, and beans can be made into burgers, sausages, soups, or faux-tuna salad. Beans are also very filling and come in a number of varieties such as kidney, pinto, black, northern, and garbanzo.