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These Gorgeous Red Lipsticks Look Amazing on Everyone

No matter how big of a beauty fanatic you are, lipstick is a pretty overwhelming product to shop for. You need to choose among numerous formulas,  pick what kind of finish you want, and decide if you want something long-lasting or something that will fade to an even stain. And you also need to figure out which colors are going to be flattering for you. Fortunately, there are a variety of lip colors that have been proven to look great on everyone.

But what if you’re set on red? You can find blue-red lipsticks and orange-red lipsticks. You can also find lipsticks that blur the line between red and pink. In short, red lipstick is not just red lipstick. And it’s entirely possible that you need more than one. Thankfully, we can give you a head start on finding some red lipstick options that are sure to please. The shades ahead are universally flattering and have gained a stamp of approval from beauty editors, makeup artists, and bloggers alike.

1. Chanel Rebelle

Chanel Rebelle

Chanel Rebelle Chanel Rebelle is a bright and gorgeous red lipstick you don’t want to miss. |  Chanel

Into the Gloss crowned Chanel Rebelle one of its essential shades of red lipstick. As the publication reports, Rebelle is a red that’s poppy, but not pink. If you want your red lipstick to be a little on the orange side and big on a luxurious feel and finish, this is the shade for you.