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These Makeup Products Are So Good, You Won’t Care What They Cost

beautiful Asian woman with metallic smoky eyeshadow

beautiful Asian woman with metallic smoky eyeshadow Are luxury makeup products worth the splurge? According to expert reviews, these definitely are. | iStock.com/iconogenic

Anyone who’s shopped for makeup even a couple of times in their life can tell you the options are overwhelming. We try to keep things simple by choosing universally flattering lipstick shades or by doing our best to learn valuable lessons from French beauty routines (and stocking up on cult-favorite French beauty products). But it’s never more obvious than when you look at classic French beauty products that you can either opt for a bargain or choose to splurge when you’re shopping for makeup.

Which way you go is up to you — and most of us find ourselves opting for a steal in one category and a splurge in another. We all know you can get great makeup at the drugstore. But if you’re in the mood to splurge, there are plenty of luxury makeup products available at your favorite department store or local Sephora. Figuring out which ones are worth the price can get tricky, though.

A few luxury labels offer a range that’s great across the board, but that’s actually pretty rare. It’s more normal for even the priciest makeup line to be a bit more hit and miss. Our usual strategy is to consult reviews by the experts at Beautypedia. The platform publishes reviews that are based on scientific research and reviewers’ experience actually trying the products. These reviews are especially useful when you’re thinking of splurging on a product you have high hopes for. The makeup products ahead earned top marks from Beautypedia reviewers, which assures you they really are worth the investment.

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