These MLB Jersey Nicknames Are the Absolute Worst

A MLB logo in the infield

A MLB logo in the infield MLB is letting players wear nickname jerseys. | Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Following up the success of the NBA allowing players to put nicknames on the backs of their uniforms in recent seasons, Major League Baseball is running with Players Weekend, an event from August 2527, where players will wear special uniforms and hats. A big part of what’s unique will be that nicknames, chosen by the players, will appear on the backs of the jerseys.

But the No. 1 rule of nicknames: You aren’t allowed to pick your own, and in this case it appears that too many players tried to do just that. Some of the nicknames are just awful, and we’re aren’t even going to count the ones that simply didn’t take part in the fun. Those players will just have their last names on their uniforms, like normal. We looked at the 10 worst nicknames that players will throw on the back of their uniforms for Players Weekend.

10. Carlos Correa – Showrrea

Carlos Correa throws his bat.

Carlos Correa throws his bat. Carlos Correa is a big-time star with a nasty sounding nickname. | Bob Levey/Getty Images

We’ll give Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa points for being creative. “Showrrea” is fine in the sense that it’s not lame or simply adding a “y” to the end of someone’s name, which is why it lands at the back end of our list.

The problem we have with Showrrea is simply how disgusting the word sounds. It’s like the cross between a disease you really don’t want and something that might happen after too much Taco Bell. We prefer Correa’s other nickname, according to Baseball Reference, “The Captain.”

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