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These Nutritious Foods Are Great for Your Skin and Hair

If you’ve been buying expensive hair products, skin-clearing solutions, and makeup in an effort to look your best, then it’s time to give those products a rest. It’s no secret fresh produce and a variety of proteins increase vitality and leave you feeling great after you eat them, and many of these same eats are particularly excellent for your skin and hair. For example, drinking enough water is vital for strong, nourished hair.

Here are the top seven picks for the best foods you can eat to get glowing skin and great hair.

1. Spinach

Man cutting spinach

Man cutting spinach Spinach is great for the skin and hair. | iStock.com

It’s tough to find a dark leafy green that doesn’t pack a punch in terms of nutrition, but spinach is one of the best when it comes to your skin and hair. Allure explains spinach has vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene, which are all great for fighting signs of aging skin. These antioxidants are particularly useful to help fight the aging effects of the sun’s UV rays, so if you’re someone who loves the beach, then spinach may be particularly helpful. Spinach also contains folate and iron, which are beneficial in preventing hair loss over time.