These Products Keep Shrinking at the Grocery Store but Don’t Get Any Cheaper

“Why am I back here…again?” you ask as you make yet another trip to the grocery store this week. “And why is my bill so expensive?” It’s a likely scenario across America as all kinds of products are getting smaller while the price stays the same.

It’s a hidden form of inflation The Consumerist nicknamed “Grocery Shrink Ray“. As we dug into the ongoing discussion about shrinking grocery products, we realized the trickery has been hacking wallets for years. Edgar Dworsky, founder of, explains the phenomenon perfectly in an interview with Time Magazine. “Consumers really don’t have in their minds that they have to check the net weight or net count every time they buy something,” says Dworsky. “It’s the perfect consumer scam — when consumers don’t know they’ve been taken.”

A Chicago-based study published in the Journal of Retailing in 2013, found that consumers are four times more sensitive to price fluctuations than package size. Therefore, companies resort to changing qualities and downsizing to counteract rising production costs instead. Shrinkflation is real! But the buck stops here. Here are 15 products that are shrinking in size, but not in price, that you must know about.

1. Ice Cream


ICE CREAM Repackaging grocery products hide the fact that you’re getting less | iStock

While other ice cream companies, like Breyers and Haagan Dazs, silently shied away from actual half-gallon containers, Blue Bunny held steady for as long as they could, going so far as to tout that their ice cream gave consumers two extra scoops of deliciousness in their 56 ounce container. But recently, even the bunny fell victim to the next wave of shrinking grocery products, making it clear that peer pressure is rampant in the industry. They used a package redesign to mask shrinkage down to 46 ounces, or 1.44 quarts, proving the point that consumers must be pay more attention to individual item labels before purchasing.

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