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These Shortcuts Should Not Be Added Into Your Grooming Regimen

We love a good life hack (or 50). They’re a dime a dozen, but the best ones pack a punch as the epitome of cleverness and usefulness combined. Such tips and tricks may be small but they are mighty when it comes to saving time and money, simplifying life, and providing the ultimate easy-button solutions for the pesky hurtles of everyday life. However, leave the groovy hacks for everything but your grooming routine. When it comes to caring for your skin, face, and hair, the shortcut life won’t always serve you well.

1. The dry shave

Man shaving without shaving cream

Man shaving without shaving cream A dry shave is never a good idea. | iStock.com

You’ve just finished a solid hill sprint workout, but now you’re racing the clock to shower and make it to that sales meeting. Stop right there. Before you decide to eliminate that scruff with shave gel, foam, or even at bare minimum, plain old H20, step away from the razor. Dry shaving can cause a world of hurt, from skin burns, cuts, and rashes, to ingrown hairs and shaving bumps — none of which are a good look with that post-workout afterglow.

Proper shaving products, including oils, gels, creams, and foams, are designed to help soften the skin and ensure that the blade glides smoothly and safely minimizing the chance for inflammation and irritation. Some formulas even incorporate natural ingredients, such as glycerin and aloe, for an extra gentle, nourishing touch thus allowing for the closest shave possible. So, if time isn’t on your side, save face and just rock the scruff for a day and wear it well. Your skin will thank you.