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These Surprising Things Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Even if you believe your toilet is cleaner than clean, your bathroom is in the business of collecting bacteria, and lots of it. To protect your loved ones and keep family members safe, you probably clean the toilet often. But did you know there are other, lesser-known breeding grounds for bacteria that also warrant a spot on your weekly chores list?

Perhaps the reason that most of these items made our list has less to do with the actual bacteria present, and more to do with how often — or not at all — we’re cleaning them. According to The Washington Post, “We use so much Lysol and the like on toilet seats that microbes don’t have an opportunity to accumulate there; a spoonful of soil has more bacteria and far greater diversity.”

So, it’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about deep cleaning. These are the things you need to add to your cleaning schedule immediately.

1. A man’s beard

man with full beard

man with full beard Dirtier than a toilet seat? Possibly. | iStock.com

Love the lumberjack look? This may change your mind. Could facial hair really be as dirty as a toilet? You bet. One study found that some beards contained rather disconcerting amounts of bacteria. So disconcerting, in fact, that researcher John Golobic said that if similar samples were found in a city’s water system, it’d have to be shut down for disinfecting. Looks like it may be time to leave that burly beard behind and convert to the cleanly-shaven look.

Next: You’d never expect this one to make the list.

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